Why It’s Never Too Late to Give…

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t had the chance to send your loved one a Valentine’s gift yet – it is not too late.

We are still seeing a great volume of Valentine’s Day orders come through overnight, as well as today.

I just want to encourage you that is never late when you give from the heart.

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Gift of Love on Valentine’s Day

Dear Friend,

I trust that you are enjoying a restful Friday, and your preparations & gift buying for Valentine’s Day is coming along well.

If you haven’t bought anything yet, it’s still not too late – Click here to choose your discounted Valentine bouquets, & have it sent off by today.

Though we don’t need a specific day to show it – Valentine’s Day does offer us an opportunity to be reminded of the important people in our lives.

Not just for the Special One in our life, but you can use the day to express your thanks & love to people who are important to you as well.

One thing that will certainly be appreciated by them – is when you pen down a short note to say something nice, complimentary or even encouraging.

Imagine receiving a gift, and reading a note personally written for you – telling you how much you mean to them. It has never NOT lifted up my spirits, OR at the very least made me feel really great :)

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